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Are you a computer enthusiast?? Does Programming pump up adrenaline in your veins?? Then we, from the department of CSE of "COIMBATORE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY" proudly present to you, our national level technical symposium "INTERFACE 2015”. Here is a chance for you to be a part of something awesome. It challenges your abilities and fuels your thought process. Be ready to prove yourself, to stand out in the crowd. Use each cell of your brain and triumph in all quests. Last year around 5000 talented students clashed. This year we return to continue the trend of success. Feel the exhilaration of victory. Be the pioneer of future. With 13+ events and workshops present, and the stage set for a mega event it is a perfect place to showcase your talents and win huge prizes. Special online events are also organized for the students. With events based on various areas and subjects, everyone is bound to have something for themselves. We promise you, the day will be full of positive energy. Addressing the technical challenges which are put forth here reveals the techno-enthusiast hidden in you. It is definitely going to be a feast with the vibrant environment set for everyone. We, thus welcome all to use it as a platform to participate, connect, compete and unleash the geek in you. Prizes worth 1,00,000 will be awarded.

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